We love the big event!

A great party is something to look back on for a long time. As a party organiser for LOUGHBOROUGH and the surrounding area, we do more than just provide you with a variety of high-quality meals to suit your requirements. We're also happy to offer our organisational skills, staff and equipment to make organising the entire event easier for you. Be it a family celebration in your own home or a large party at a rented venue, our experienced team will team will work out a culinary programme to accompany your event and the very best ideas to make your celebration an unforgettable experience.


CARILLON ROOMS offers all these benefits:

  • years of experience in organising events of all sizes
  • varied and quality cuisine
  • high levels of creativity and commitment
  • reasonable and easy-to-understand prices


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Tel: +44 1509 216201

E-mail: carillon.rooms@gmail.com


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Somewhere to celebrate

Are you looking for a stylish and unusual ambiance? Or simply an environment that's suitable and sufficiently spacious to house you and your guests?  We're happy to help you choose the best venue.


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